Do business finances scare you so much that you prefer to act like they don't exist?

You are not alone, my friend!

Do you struggle to know how to make sure you always have money available to pay yourself? Do you struggle with not spending every paycheck that hits your business account? If any of those sound like you then I don't worry, I hear you loud and clear! - This is exactly why I created the Profit and Goals Mini Training! Whether you are just starting out or you have been in business for a bit, we can all use a little help with organizing our finances! This Mini Training not only takes you step by step on how to spread out your money, but it also teaches you how to save, spend wisely, and allows you to know how much money is coming in each month of the year! - Talk about taking a huge weight off of your shoulder! To help you succeed in your financial goals, I am also including my personal profit and goals spreadsheet so you can follow along and easily create a clear cut plan for the entire year in just a couple of hours! Plus, did I mention this spreadsheet is accountant approved and is a huge a LIFE SAVER during tax season!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Instructions for this course

    • Profit and Goals Intro

    • Read Me First Guide for Initial Set up

  • 2

    Course Content

    • Learning Profit First and Budgeting Goals

    • Get to Know Your Expenses

    • Building Your Spreadsheet

    • Creating Monthly Profit Amounts


I feel confident in my numbers!

by Emma Christine

I am not a huge numbers person so the thought of budgeting and knowing my numbers freaks me out a little. But I know how important it is, so with Heather’s help I am tackling my budget and profit goals! Heather breaks everything down so that it makes things easy to understand and I felt confident in my numbers when I was done!

It gave me the push I needed!

by Jillian Hoffman

I downloaded Heather's Master Financial Spreadsheet because I needed help with budgeting my business and learn how to pay myself and not just my business. Heather helped me looked at my numbers in a completely different way that will help me in the long run. The result of her spreadsheet was incredible, to say the least, I will be able to put money aside as well as pay myself during my down season. The one thing I loved about her spreadsheet was it was easy and I was able to customize it to my business and it allowed me to look at my deposits and final payments in a whole new avenue, it gave me the push to stay more organized and to look at my spreadsheets daily instead of once a month. I would recommend the Master Financial Spreadsheet and the Mini Training Course to people who need help with budgeting and keeping track of their income.